Flexibility – To be or not to be – That is the question.

So, I just read Eric’s post about Flexibility and Firminosity. (Come on. Lighten up.) He’s waiting for some comments. Give him some.

Here’s my 2 cents. If flexibility was part of the deal before the deal was done and everyone agrees what flexibility means, then flexibility is warranted. However, more often then not, it’s a one way street. For example, if we’re looking for a little flexibility on delivery time, client may (rightfully) object. On the other hand, they may be very upset with us if we were to object to their request for “flexibility” in payment terms.

In my opinion, flexibility is a slippery slope and is seldom warranted. Now, please comment on Eric’s blog.

Marketing and Prospecting

I just got Laura’s May newsletter. In it, she draws an analogy between growing corn and marketing. Good analogy.

However, remember that the same analogy applies to prospecting. I worry about my friends that don’t have time to network, don’t have time to call prospects, don’t have time to put new stuff in the front of their pipeline because they’ve got so much in the pipeline and they want to clean it up. So, what do you work on when you clean it up and there’s nothing there. No names in this paragraph. I’m just concerned.

So, whether you’re talking about marketing, advertising, prospecting, exercise, dieting, or most things……….a little every day will show consistent results. Trying to do it all in one day………well read Laura’s newsletter.

Incidentally, isn’t it a nice touch that Laura shows off her work by plugging one of her clients.

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The best deal

So, I’m driving around this week, using my $3/gallon gas and I hear this on the radio. “Just because you got the best deal, doesn’t mean you got the best mattress.” Those mattress guys can really sum it up, can’t they?

But, think about it. In your world, what is your prospect looking for? Is every prospect looking for the same thing? Is the cheapest always the best deal? Is the best deal always the cheapest? Is the most expensive always the best quality? Is the best quality always the most expensive?

No answers here unless you comment.

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Introductions by Email

Today, two people asked me if I had a suggestion on how to make an introduction by email. This is copied from my email sent items folder. Use it if you like.

From: Rick Roberge [mailto:rick@therainmakermaker.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 12:29 PM
To: DV
Cc: RM
Subject: Intro

Dan V, meet Rick M.

Rick M meet Dan V.

Dan, While I was talking with Rick today, one of his people told him of an issue that they were having with his bank regarding credit card processing. Apparently, it’s an ongoing situation. I told him that you were the best in the business and that I was gonna have you call him. I’ve known Rick a long time so please take very good care of him. He owns (name of company) and you can reach him at (508) _______.

Rick, Dan will take very good care of you. If he doesn’t call you call him at (617) _______.

Rick Roberge

Personal Money Tips

As you know, I’m new at this “blogging” thing. I’ve gotta tell you, I can’t figure out why the two most popular posts today were “June 21st” and “What is a RainMaker”.

Anyway, as you may be aware, I spend some time every day (because Pete told me to). I’m supposed to find something that’s of interest to me and pass it along to you. That helps you and it helps the blogger that I pass along. So, here’s the link. Rick (Cooper, not me) says, “………. So, it’s critical to set some money aside to have during lean times.” This is so-o-o-o important! I’ve seen many salespeople or self employed people have three good months and be struggling to pay the rent in the fifth month because they figured they’d keep up the pace forever. Never spend it all. Always have an emergency fund. Work hard. Live high. Be smart.

Good luck gang and good luck Rick.

How’s that Pete?

The gauntlet

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