Are you too old to sell?

As you may know, Frank Belzer and I delivered a webinar on August 10th to introduce Hubspot Partners and others to a Kurlan Sales Development Program that was specially design for Hubspot Value Added Resellers (VARs). (If you’re curious, this is a link to the webinar “How to Double Your Marketing Agency Sales in 90 Days “.) The program kicked off the week of August 23rd. Frank and I didn’t really pay attention to demographics, we just started doing what we do.

Now if you know anything about Hubspot, you may be aware that it’s a young organization. As a matter of fact, most of the people that run the company are young enough to be my children. I assumed that most of the people that signed up for our program would be 20 and 30 somethings.

The first two comments that I noticed came from 64 year old agency owner when she said, “I wish I had found this 30 years ago!”… 30 years ago? She also said that she was telling a friend about our coaching and apparently, the friend asked how old we were. She commented that it sounded like we were pretty young based on the energy that she was hearing.

Then, yesterday, one of the particpants in the program started off our coaching call with, “I guess I owe you $650.” I replied with, “Huh?” He said, “You know, you get half of my growth for three months. I grew by $1,300. Half is $650.” He was actually excited that he owed me money and that it didn’t take the full three months to see results. He saw growth after the first month. Love it! BTW, he’s 40 years old.

I started my next coaching call by sharing the $650 story. That owner told me that his agency was $400 short of doubling sales after the first month. I asked him for the numbers, and he was right. We had promised, “Double Your Agency Sales in 3 Months” and he did it after the first month. He’s awful excited for a 50 year old.

Frank and I have been working and we know that they’ve been doing the right things and were sounding right and getting results. We just hadn’t stopped to check the numbers. Those are only the first few and we’ll check the rest of the participants over the next few days, but it looks encouraging!

Remember when you were a teenager…30 was old. Then you got to be 30 and 50 wasn’t really that old. Just an observation, but I guess the lesson might be that you’re old when you know it all and stop learning. Not a challenge. Not enough data yet.

By the way, I’ll be guest hosting on Sales Talk Live for Frank Belzer on October 13th and I’ll have three of these rising stars as my guests. We’ll be asking them questions about being a Hubspot Partner (Value Added Reseller), about the Kurlan/Hubspot Sales Development Program, they’re experience at HUG and IMS and whatever else seems appropriate at the time.

Our guests will be Carole Mahoney of Mahoney Internet Marketing, Dale Berkebile of Brandwise and Phillip Johnson of Fatiguana Endeavors. Mark your calendars to join us live at Noon EDT on October 13th, 2010 at Sales Talk Live.

Incidentally, if you have any questions that you’d like these three to address, leave it in the comments.