What’s the catch?

So, here’s the rub. As I search the blogosphere, I find posts that I can relate to and some not. In What’s the catch? I found myself wondering how many people spend time worrying about stuff that nobody else cares about? Comment here or comment there, but let Mirona know what you think.

One thought on “What’s the catch?

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I believe you are asking a very good question. Here’s a part of Des Walsh’s post on my writing, which may add some insight. <<i wrote: “I thought that it was strange to assume that it was abnormal for anyone to be forever asking questions about the nature of the universe, about what the human condition really was, my condition, what I was doing here, if there was really something to do. It seemed to me on the contrary that it was abnormal for people not to think about it, for them to allow themselves to live, as it were, unconsciously.”>> His full post here: http://www.thinkinghomebusiness.com/blog/_archives/2006/5/17/1963114.html

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