Introductions by Email

Today, two people asked me if I had a suggestion on how to make an introduction by email. This is copied from my email sent items folder. Use it if you like.

From: Rick Roberge []
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 12:29 PM
To: DV
Cc: RM
Subject: Intro

Dan V, meet Rick M.

Rick M meet Dan V.

Dan, While I was talking with Rick today, one of his people told him of an issue that they were having with his bank regarding credit card processing. Apparently, it’s an ongoing situation. I told him that you were the best in the business and that I was gonna have you call him. I’ve known Rick a long time so please take very good care of him. He owns (name of company) and you can reach him at (508) _______.

Rick, Dan will take very good care of you. If he doesn’t call you call him at (617) _______.

Rick Roberge

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