Personal Money Tips

As you know, I’m new at this “blogging” thing. I’ve gotta tell you, I can’t figure out why the two most popular posts today were “June 21st” and “What is a RainMaker”.

Anyway, as you may be aware, I spend some time every day (because Pete told me to). I’m supposed to find something that’s of interest to me and pass it along to you. That helps you and it helps the blogger that I pass along. So, here’s the link. Rick (Cooper, not me) says, “………. So, it’s critical to set some money aside to have during lean times.” This is so-o-o-o important! I’ve seen many salespeople or self employed people have three good months and be struggling to pay the rent in the fifth month because they figured they’d keep up the pace forever. Never spend it all. Always have an emergency fund. Work hard. Live high. Be smart.

Good luck gang and good luck Rick.

How’s that Pete?

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