Making Introductions

I was talking with Mr. Insurance tonight. Believe me when I tell you that this guy knows everything that there is to know about insurance. I want him to talk to everybody that I care about and make sure that they have the right insurance. The right kind. The right amount. The best value. Everything. And he knows how to do it.

How should I refer him? Should I say, “Pete, I was talking to Doug today and I’ll bet that he knows everything that there is to know about insurance. I think you should talk to him. Give him a call”

What can happen? Pete might call Doug and Doug might help Pete and they’ll both thank you. More likely, Pete’s gonna say, thanks anyway. I’ve got enough insurance and never call Doug. Not only that, but Doug can’t call Pete because he doesn’t have his phone number. You wasted the introduction. It did no good.

Here’s my suggestion. First decide whether or not you trust Doug. If you don’t, don’t introduce him. But if you do trust him and you do want him to help Pete if he can, make Pete want to talk to Doug. Try this.

“Pete, I was talking with Doug today and he was telling me about some of the magic that he was doing for someone just like you and I don’t know if he could do the same stuff for you, but I asked him to call you.”

Now, what happens. Doug is in control. He can call. Pete is probably wondering if Doug can help. And honestly, who’s more capable of explaining what Doug does, me or Doug?

It’s easy to make a referral if someone asks you if you know anybody who’s any good at insurance, but supposing your best friend didn’t know that he had a problem with his insurance. Wouldn’t you want Doug to fix it if he could?

Something to think about.

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