Go get it

How many of you sat in the office today waiting for somebody to call and say that they wanted you?

Get this!

I was working the Corridor Nine Expo the first week in February. While there, this very sharply dressed young lady shakes my hand, introduces herself, and a couple of minutes later, I knew that she was a recent grad looking to work in event management.

The next time I saw Joelle LeMarbre, was at the Corridor Nine Chamber Speed Networking event. She was working for the chamber. And today, the chamber trusted her enough to handle the setup, registration, greeting, and check out process for the “Closing the Sale – Scoring!” seminar presented by Dave Kurlan.

Did she send out a bunch of resumes and sit home waiting for somebody to call and say they wanted her?

No. She went out and got it! and now she’s working.

Watch this one. She’s good. Joelle LeMarbre. Corridor Nine. What a country!

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