Read the following “Real Life” exchange between me and a “suspect”. First, pretend that you are my sales coach. What would you advise me to do next? Second, pretend that you are my suspect’s coach. What’s his problem? (You may want to look here:


Here’s the exchange:


Me (email 1/18 5:59 AM) I was talking with (a client of mine), yesterday, about our CEO Luncheon. He suggested that if there is still room, that he’d like to have you attend as his guest. There is, but we have to give our final count to the White Cliffs on Friday. So, please, check your schedule and R.S.V.P. today.


Him (email 1/18 2:32 PM) Thank you for the invitation – I will be in attendance.


He and I spoke after the Luncheon and scheduled a call for 1/31 @ 2 PM. He wasn’t there when called. I left my number, but he didn’t call back.


Me (email 2/2 8:41 AM) Thank you for attending our Executive Luncheon on January 24th. We’ve talked with almost everyone that requested a call already. You requested a call, scheduled a call, then neither took nor returned my call. My wife and I are going on a cruise tomorrow. So, my plan would normally be to follow up with you when I return. If you’d prefer not to talk to me, please take a moment to reply as such and if you’re so inclined, give me some feedback.


Him (email 32 minutes later) I do not know you or your style but I sense tone in your email.   I did not take your call because I was pulled to a meeting and not available that afternoon.   I have not returned your call simply because I have not yet made it to my non-client related returned calls.   I have no issue with speaking to you especially since I took the time to attend the seminar. Thanks.


Me (email 2/11 8:04 PM) I’m back and well rested. I have my annual physical Monday morning at 8:30. I should be in the office by 10. I expect to be in “response mode” for the first half of the week. Please feel free to call me at 508.389.9350 x223 at your convenience.


Him (email 2/12 9:13 AM) I am just back as well and will contact you by midweek.  Thanks.


Him (email 2/20 1:47 PM) I still owe you a call – I will make that happen.  Thanks.


Me (email 39 minutes later) I’m not around today, but should be tomorrow.


Him (email 20 minutes later) Ok,Thanks.


I don’t know why, but I called him Friday, the 23rd. He answered and he agreed to call me at 1 PM today. At 12:59, today, I received this email: I am on a conference call that is going long – I could be 30-40 more minutes.  I will call you at home when it is over.   Thanks.


He called at 1:47 and left this voice message, “Hey, Rick, ________ calling about 10 minutes of 2. I’m here in the office (phone #). I’m here alone, so if you call back and I happen to be on a call, you might get my voicemail. So, I will call you back and hopefully we won’t play too much phone tag here. (Phone # again.)

Walking the Talk

I hope you find this interesting.

On January 24th, we hosted a luncheon to introduce CEO’s to our company and it’s offerings.

The next day, at 4:57 PM (after a long day on the phone), I sent the following email to one of them.

I hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s Luncheon. I’ve been on the phone all day and received very positive feedback. I called you this morning to get your feedback,…….I have a glitch………..I’m trying to get to everyone before I leave on vacation at the end of next week, but you know how the last few days before vacation can be. So, if you’re available, would you call my cell phone tomorrow morning? I’ve got a 9 that will probably go until 11, but I’ll be available from 6-9, or 11-noon. Then I’m booked for the rest of the day.

At 5:13 PM, he replied with, Will do.

We met on January 30th in our office. I followed up the next day with the plan and received an reply by email at 5:16 AM the following morning. I went on vacation, but before I left, we agreed that we’d pick up where we left off when I returned.

I sent him an email at 6:16 AM on Feb 13th. He responded at 6:58 AM with (in part) It is in the  6 A.M. hour, I am at my desk…… Not the least of which is the will to DO WHAT IT TAKES to succeed. We agreed to follow up this week.

Yesterday, I sent him an email at 9:19 PM giving him my schedule today. 

Today, we talked three times. The last time he called me was at 5:12 PM while I was doing my “power walk”. He made two comments that I’d like to share. First, he pointed out that by carrying my cell phone and answering it while I was walking showed my commitment to “walk the talk” and that I was, indeed, available to my clients when they needed me to be available as I pointed out in my last post. Then he said, “Let’s do it. Let’s move forward.”

So, here’s the lesson. We had many contacts during 9-5 business hours, but look at how much happened before 7 AM and after 5 PM. How much of his willingness to work with me is due to my ability and how much is due to my availability?

Business Hours, Prime Time, Open For Business

As most of you know, Elaine and I cruised on the Enchantment of the Seas to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. It was great. I didn’t think about work, business, or selling while I was gone except once on Grand Cayman.

I noticed that almost everything, restaurants, stores, offices, etc. were closed on Sundays. I was talking to a native and they confirmed that most businesses were totally closed all day Sunday………

Except when a cruise ship was in the port.

Then, EVERYTHING IS OPEN! Why? Because that’s when their customers are ready to buy.

How many of us are open at our convenience? How many of us don’t answer our cell phone? How many of us don’t give our cell phone number to our customers? When a customer has a question, complaint, or is ready to buy, shouldn’t you be open?

Grand Cayman knows they should be open when the customers show up. Are you?