Do your customers want you to be a better sales person? Homework

One  of my clients has had several breakthroughs recently. I asked them if they would like to do a guest post about them and they replied, “I don’t know if I want my customers to know that I have a sales coach.”

I can immediately think of three reasons why your customers DO want you to be a better sales person and I’m giving you a heads up that that will be my next post. If you have thoughts that you’d like included, please share in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Do your customers want you to be a better sales person? Homework

  1. My job as a salesperson is to figure out who I can help and how I can help them. As a salesperson, sales manager and sales director, I’ve helped 1,000s of people find a solution to their problems. Many of them have grown their business directly because of the help I’ve provided them through my services, products and counsel. I have changed many lives and fortunes in extremely positive ways including saving people from going out of business, helping people hire more people and helping people grow their revenue considerably. As a result, many of my customers and partners have been able to get out of debt, save and pay for important life events, and achieve greater work/life balance…. not to mention help many more people with their products and services. I have special skills and strengths that make me really effective as a salesperson and I strive to improve them over time, so that I can help even more people more effectively. I learned many of these skills and developed many of these strengths as a direct result of receiving coaching as well as providing coaching to other salespeople. Damn right, I want people to know I had a sales coach and that I still seek sales excellence by learning from peers, my sales team and my sales mentors.

  2. It took me a minute to really figure out what bothered me the most about not telling your customers that you have a sales coach.At first my was a lack of transparency and being real. Like pretending to be something you’re not. Never saw a Relationship work out well that way.Is Pretending You have gotten where you are without help just a matter of ego? As Pete said, Letting your customers know that you are always seeking excellence is a good thing. It benefits them.It also forces you to put your ego aside which is the first thing I learned from my sales coach. Besides, 21st-century customers have a high BS detector.

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