Another LinkedIn Conversation

What do you think about this email exchange?

10/30 @ 6:56 PM I received an email


I am interested in hearing more about why this was the 3rd link down on the right column of your blog. Also, about a few other things that you may or may not be able to help with. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Thanks for your time.

I replied at 10/30 @ 9:03 PM

Are you talking about the “Need more leads” link or something else?

Would you like to just schedule a call? You can use my calendar link below to schedule the call right on my calendar. Just pick a time that works for you. The default is 30 minutes, but the drop down will allow you to adjust from 15-60 minutes. If I’m open, you can have it.

Until then…

I also noticed that on 10/30 @ 4:00 PM, I received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn the text had been changed to:


Hey Rick, 

Just sent you an email as well. I look forward to talking with you soon.

On 10/31 @ 7:18 PM, I got notified that he followed me on Twitter.

On 10/31 @ 8:02 PM, I got notified that he added me on Google+.

So on 10/31 @ 5:49 PM, I replied to his invitation to connect: 

I replied to your email and offered my calendar. Rather than scheduling a call, you started following me on Twitter and Google+. Twitter’s for stalking and I don’t use Google+. Did you change your mind about wanting to talk with me? 


OOPS! Touched a nerve because less than 2 hours later @ 7:46 PM, he wrote: 

I did not mean to give impression that I was stalking or anything of the sort Rick. Twitter is very powerful tool for communication in the new media world. Im confused as to your opinion of it?? If you didnt use google+ how did your name pop up on it? 

Frankly, if this is your approach to modern business I may have changed my mind. I was under the opinion that you were somewhat of a relationship minded person. Thats how I work.

Sorry to offend. 

So, I have several questions.

  1. Which sidebar link is he asking about?
  2. Does he want to talk to me or not?
  3. Does he know how to answer questions or just ask them?
  4. Did he read my Twitter headline when he followed me?
  5. Does he really believe that his 43 followers makes him an expert on Twitter?
  6. Is anybody else on a social platform, but don’t use it? (like me on Google+)
  7. Does anyone else think that he doesn’t know that a conversation is two-way?
  8. Would you like to add other questions in the comments?

BTW, I replied, This is gonna be a great blog post!

To which he replied, Can’t wait to be famous!

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9 thoughts on “Another LinkedIn Conversation

  1. His initial question was curiously phrased. “I’m interested in hearing more about why this was the third link down on the right-hand column…”

    The implication is that he had already heard some discussion of the placement of the link and now was ready for more.
    Had you ever written about the placement of links on your blog? I don’t think so. Was the guy trying to criticize your web design skills? I doubt it. I think he’s probably just a hapless communicator.

    The weirdest thing is that he didn’t just click that link. It’s a mailto link to which you have attached a subject, and had he used it, you’d have known that yes, he’s interested in being contacted about leads.

    All the subsequent hoo-ha was inevitable, given the guy’s vague initial question and apparent inability to respond forthrightly.

  2. I get this a lot on Linkedin, Rick, and I’ve never understood why people take this approach to building relationships.

    It appears as if you are not ready to accept whatever it’s they have to offer (even though they don’t say it upfront) then you are a bad guy and bad communicator too.

    Additionally, I’m also on Google+ and don´t use it as I wish 😀

  3. Rick, this is an easy one to decipher. The person in question is of a younger generation (being from an older generation I can say this). Younger generations prefer electronic communication to get to know someone as opposed to having conversations. Conversations are scary to them because they are mano y mano with no electronic fence for security in between.

    I don’t think it was wrong that they did not want to chat. They wanted to get to know you first and the way they chose to do that is via social media. Then when and if they want to get “all up in your grill” they will call you.

    It’s all good… just different.

  4. I love reading these articles. Anyone who has followed you for sometime knows how to interact and engage with you. Anyone who hasn’t read too much on your blog will become the next article. This is mostly due to the fact of not answering a question though. So many people (young or old) do not know how to have an effective conversation online, let alone one offline. I agree with Trish in the fact that this person may have been scared to have a REAL conversation, but if you’re not ready quit wasting my time, right? As always, interesting & educational post Rick! Hopefully someone will read this an get the take-away you are sharing.

  5. I think that there were mistakes made on both sides. However, writing a blog about this correspondence does very little to further the cause of your blog. It seems like you are simply trying to call him out in your public forum.

    I’m not sure what this guy was trying to accomplish by contacting you, but your intentions with this blog are an exercise in poor form.

    By the way … you are completely wrong about Twitter. A stalking tool? That designation is laughable and unsubstantiated.

  6. Andres, thanks for stopping by. I don’t remember seeing you before, so, I don’t know if you’ve read enough to answer, but I’ll ask anyway. Why do you think I call Twitter a stalking tool?

  7. You are right. I have never been to your blogs site. I have no idea why you refer to Twitter as stalking tool. I am left to draw my on conclusions based on your correspondence with this guy….oh…and the actual definition of “stalking”.

    Save me the trouble of reading your blogs. How is Twitter for stalkers?

  8. I’m not inclined to encourage laziness. If you want to know what’s in my blog posts, read them. If it’s too much trouble, don’t. Just go away. says that Stalking = to pursue stealthily. So, how do you use Twitter? Do you mostly watch, lurk, not engage? What do you experience when you reach out to someone on Twitter? Are they eager to engage or do they resist?

    Recently, one of my clients wrote, “In over a year of Tweeting our asses off, I don’t recall anyone ever clicking a link, going to our website and filling out a form. Kudos to RR for the “provocative/ attention grabbing” headline to the new discussion in a Linkedin Group”

    Twitter has it’s place, but it’s only one piece. BTW, have you read “Twitter for Salespeople“?

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