#FF (Fun Friday Post) Communication

Carole Mahoney sent this to me with the question, “and the sales lesson is?”.

An old but beautiful story of marriage and the communication
between a husband and his wife.
A couple was Christmas shopping at the mall on Christmas Eve and
the mall was packed.
As the wife walked through the mall she was surprised to look up
and see her husband was nowhere around. She was quite upset
because they had a lot to do. Because she was so worried, she called him
on her mobile phone to ask him where he was.
In a calm voice,
the husband said, “Honey, you remember the jewelry store we went into
5 years ago where you fell in love with that diamond necklace
that we could not afford and I told you that I would get it for you
one day?”
The wife choked up and started to cry and said, “Yes, I
remember that jewelry store.”
He said, “Well, I’m in the bar right next to it.”
Has that ever happened to you on a sales call? Want to know how to fix it? Schedule a call.
BTW, answer Carole’s question in the comments!

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