RainMakers and Rock Stars

I have a special relationship with my evangelists. Today, three of them rocked my world and with your permission, I’m going to share the story, but maintain their confidentiality.

It starts a few weeks ago when Mike introduced me to Joe.
Joe and I have now been working together for a couple of weeks and he told Mike about a coaching session that we had last week and how it affected the actual call. 
Mike shared Joe’s success story with me. I sent Mike an email reminding him that it was he that put Joe and I together and thanking him for that.
His reply is what rocked my world.

Good Rick. I’m glad it’s working out. I look at what you did with Jerry and George. Smart guys. No sales experience. They are now sales rock stars because of you. That is really hard to do. I don’t have anyone else that can do it. And, there are lots of cases like that. I happen to get introduced to a bunch of them. It seems like there is a need, you are good at it, you enjoy it, and it is lucrative. I’ll keep it coming as I see them.

Rock Stars! because of me! Thank you Jerry and George! I was out to help you be RainMakers and you turned out to be Rock Stars. Freaking Awesome!
Wanna be next? How bad?

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