What’s Going On?

In the past twelve months, this blog has had 396,201 visits and 236,047 post views. I find it interesting to contemplate the top ten posts. The top ten are listed below along with the number of views each had in the past 12 months, the date it was published and my comment/question about the post.

Post Title (Post Views)

5 Steps Your Sales Force Needs to Take to Survive in the Recession (5329) When this post was written in 2/2009, we were in a recession. Are so many still struggling that it was my most popular post? Please! If you’re struggling, call me.
Change for Change’s Sake? (4950) I wrote this last October to get readers ready for me leaving Kurlan. My guess is that most of the searchers that find it are disappointed.
Numbers, Baseball and My Kind of Selling (3890) This has been the most popular post every year since I wrote it in11/2007. Great inbound links.
I Have A Dream… (2853) 7/31/2012
First………..What is a RainMaker? (2411) This was my inaugural post on 3/18/2006. Pretty easy to see why it comes up in search so often.
Selling for Introverts (2015) 8/30/2012
So, I’m a sales guy not a web guy, but I think that I’m happy that half of my top ten articles are less than 3 months old. If you have thoughts, please share in the comments or privately by email. If you have a favorite post, but it’s not listed above, feel free to tweet it or write an article and link to it. I’ll RT or promote it. Also, BTW, you may remember that I’ve had a few guest authors along the way. None of them made the top ten, but #11 was a guest post and missed being #10 by 3 views. If you’ve got an article that’s itching to be published, let me know. We’ll get it done.

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