Ephphatha! translates to “Be opened”.  Yesterday’s gospel related the story of Christ touching the deaf man’s ears to allow him to hear. The priest then said that if we call it a miracle when someone who cannot hear, can, what do we call it when those who can hear, cannot?

As salespeople, we all have a story about the prospect that just doesn’t listen, but it may not be the prospect’s fault. Read the story. There’s a second part to the miracle. Christ touched the man’s tongue to cure his speech impediment. How many salespeople babble on without realizing that their prospect can’t hear them?
As prospects, we all have a story about the salesperson that showed up, told us how wonderful their stuff was, but was totally surprised when we weren’t prepared to buy, then or ever, but we didn’t want to tell them because we didn’t want to hurt their feelings.
As employees, we all have a story about an employer that didn’t listen when we told them that we could run their business better than they could.
And as business owners, we can talk about why financiers don’t think we’re worth the investment, why employees don’t see our vision, why potential partners can’t see the synergy.
Regardless of what our title is, our ability to get others to hear depends first on our ability to open their ears. Want to learn how to open their ears, schedule a 15 minute call with me.

One thought on “Ephphatha!

  1. I was wondering why you couldn’t take Sunday off from Sales, then I realized that everything relates to a sales lesson and you take Fridays off. So I was trying to think what kind of Salesman Jesus was. Probably not a rock star RainMaker. He certainly had good listening skills and asked good questions. Maybe it was that he had so many Evangelist that have lead to an amazing amount of legacy sales with all the Christians in the world today that have bought into his faith. Do you think that could qualify him as the best salesman.

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