Why You Can’t Grow a Following!

Isn’t it all about reach? Why do some of you reach thousands and others reach 12? Don’t get upset with me, but it’s because you don’t understand people. 
You don’t understand their business. You don’t know what issues they’re dealing with or what their priorities are. You don’t get why they follow who they follow. All you care about is me, me, me, me, me.

Still there? Let me explain. What do you blog about? What’s going on in your industry and how awesome you are, right? Then you tweet a link to the post and send it out to your subscribers. You also probably ask people to RT your links.
What else? You probably also tweet stuff from your industry. Financial managers tweet WSJ articles. Marketing people tweet Hubspot programs.
How about client/prospect contact? When do you contact your prospects and about what? When you have a new offering, or you want to follow-up, want a referral, or you want something else that benefits you. Fair?
Here’s my point. You blog and tweet because you hope that your remarkable content gets somebody to buy from you. You share industry stuff because you hope that someone realizes that you can help with that. You contact when you want something that benefits you.
Here’s an example. I invited an insurance guy and a marketing person (among others) to this webinar. Both replied that they couldn’t attend and wondered if there would be a recording available. Neither of them promoted the webinar to their followers. Why? Because it didn’t directly benefit them. They’d like to attend to get help growing their business, but they can’t fathom that any of their followers might want the opportunity to learn how to grow their business.
Here’s the closing. People that read you get your message and file it. If they need you, they may or may not call you if you’re still in front of them. If you make information available that doesn’t necessarily benefit you, but may be of interest to a reader, aren’t they more likely to keep checking you out?
Am I wrong?

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