Are you going to fail?

Last week, a friend of mine scheduled a conference call with a new business owner and me.

Here’s the business owner’s background.
  • Franchise owner for 10 years
  • Didn’t renew franchise because they weren’t making a living and because they didn’t think the franchisor was doing a good job marketing.
  • Started company to deliver same services as franchise
Here’s what else I know about the business owner.
  • They didn’t show up for the scheduled call
  • They attended “Double Your Sales Using the Internet Without Blogging or Buying Expensive Software” and when my friend asked, “So what did you think of the webinar?” The business owner replied, “I understood his demonstration and how it can help a global sales effort by connecting with more people. I’m not sure how this would apply to a local walk-in business like mine. I want more people in my community to know about my services.”
All of you people that use your smart phones to search locally are probably LYAO right now!
Clearly, this business owner is way smarter than the franchisor, my friend and most definitely, me.
BTW, if you missed the webinar or have a friend that wants to grow their on line presence without a blog, here’s a link to the recording.

2 thoughts on “Are you going to fail?

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