Proper use of LinkedIn

I shared my LinkedIn status with a LinkedIn group to let the group know about this free webinar.

I received this email in response.

Hi Rick,

I came across your LinkedIn profile recently and it looks like you provide great services and advice to businesses, small businesses and startups. I am part of a new online business community that helps people launch, run and grow their businesses, called mosaicHUB.

You would be a great addition to our community and I think you would benefit from connecting and networking with our growing community of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

You can create a free account by going to, and signing up with your LinkedIn account.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information. Here’s to building better businesses!


Stephen Fiedler
Notice in the first paragraph that he gets to the point. He strokes me. Tells me that he gets me. Tells me that he may be a conduit to my market.
Paragraph 2 – I’d be a “great addition”! “connecting and networking”
Paragraph 3 – Simple call to action.
Paragraph 4 – Leave the door open and a great toast!
Great job Stephen Fiedler!
Three other things:
  1. He didn’t ask me to connect. Great. We don’t know each other well enough, yet.
  2. He didn’t register for my webinar. Does he think he couldn’t learn anything?
  3. I wonder if he told his group and connections about the webinar. They may want to attend.
Any other thoughts?

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