The #1 Reason to Hire a Sales Consultant

I read and I have a short attention span. As a result of that combination, I’m attracted to one-line posts, titles with no bodies, and bullet points.

Today, I read a title with no body posted by Owen Van Syckle (don’t know him) on the Sales Gravy LinkedIn group. Here it is.
Sales Tip: Sales success is out of your comfort zone.
It reminded me of something that Steve Crowe said to me a few years ago. He was looking for me to help him grow his business, but he’s kind of an introvert. After we spoke, he made this comment.
“I guess there’s enough room in your shadow
that’s outside my comfort zone
so I can grow.”
Doesn’t that some it up? If sales success is outside your comfort zone, isn’t the ideal person to help – the person that has a shadow that’s outside your comfort zone and is committed to your success?
I’m looking for my next retirement project to go from now to August. If you want help with growth outside your comfort zone, contact me here.

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