$100,000 in 12 Weeks

It’s now the middle of May. New Year’s resolutions are long gone. 1Q12 is either in the bank or in the tank. 2Q12 is a question mark and some are starting to look forward to 3Q12, or even Labor Day because the nice weather really puts a damper on sales in May – August.

I truly hope that this doesn’t sound familiar, but trust me. Someone out there is saying, “That’s me!” and hoping that I’m about to share the golden nugget that will end the downward spiral once and for all, turn sales around so that 2012 winds up being their best year ever. This post is for that person.
I can tell you that spamming Twitter, LinkedIn groups, or writing three blog posts a day probably won’t work, but you’ll feel busy. Likewise, a new resolve to make 35 cold calls a day or send out 500 spam emails a day will keep you busy, but what kind of return have you gotten when you’ve done that recently and how long will you keep it up if you get similar results.
Now, think about the title of this post. What am I talking about? $100K in sales? $100K in commissions? $100K in profit? What would you like it to be? What do you think is impossible? What would be awesome if it did happen? Do you feel it? That’s the Secret at work.
Now don’t flip out. You don’t wish it and it is, but you have to get yourself in position.
So, now think about history. What happens to you? Do you sell, sell, sell? Then deliver, deliver, deliver? Then when you finish delivering, you sell, sell, sell? Then (you know). Or, do you have lots of leads, but they don’t want to talk to you? Or, do you hate the buyer/seller process? Do you sometimes feel like you could really help, but your prospect doesn’t get it? Or, does everything look good until a competitor gets in at the eleventh hour with a low-ball price or an off the wall proposal that stops the process and sends your prospect back to the drawing board? Or is it one of the 2,347 shit things that have happened to me since I started working over 40 years ago?
OK, so I’m an old guy! Let me ask you about some newer stuff. When was the last time that you got a sale through LinkedIn? Your blog? Twitter? Facebook? How about from a referral? Somebody you met at a networking event? Trade show? PPC campaign? What are you doing and what should you be doing? What’s working and what’s not? (That reminds me. Please complete this survey if you haven’t already.)
So, let’s wrap this up!
It’s not about what’s happened in the past. It’s what needs to change to get different results in the future?
It’s not about followers, tweets, connections or leads. It’s about how do they all relate to $100,000?
It’s not about how much change you can do yourself, but how much change will happen with Rick alongside saying, “Been there. Done that. Let’s go!”
So, this is my suggestion. If you have a brother, sister, son, daughter, husband, wife or best friend that you think would like my help to get $100,000 in the next 12 weeks, send them an email and let the Secret take over.

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