Sales E-Books and Sales Survey

Many of you are new, but if you’re paying attention, you should know that I’m all about real life. I share stuff that I do, no
t that I theorize should work. If you’ve never worked with me and you want to see something work, contact me and we’ll make it happen.

So, in the spirit of real life, we’re half way through 2Q12. How are you doing? On target? Slightly behind? Need to reboot?
Have you read the e-book that I released at the end last year?
Do you use or have you tried to use social media? If so, please take 5 minutes to take our survey.
Finally, remembering that the best posts come from real life, take a turn. Share something from your life. Write a guest post about something real that happened to you or something that you’re wondering about and
send it to me
. If you don’t like to write, share the idea or ask me a question in the comments and I’ll turn it into a post.

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