Social Un-Selling

Hot from my inbox: Yippee! I just got followed.

So, as I usually do, I looked at their profile. Do you see what I see?
2,000 followers. ZERO following? Obviously, whoever this is believes that they are the only ones worth listening to and are preparing to become experts at Twitter Spam. So they follow then un-follow immediately.
I wonder how many of their followers auto-follow everyone that follows them, but never read a tweet? Let’s stop this social unselling and forward, RT and repost this post to the rest of the world. We’ll clean up the sales world one dope at a time!

One thought on “Social Un-Selling

  1. Oh, I love this. We could fill a book with countless examples of social un-selling. I wonder how many readers have ever done, or routinely do the following?-disconnected from someone on LinkedIn because neither of you could remember why you connected in the first place, and are not really interested in one another except to get closer to that 500+ connections count. (I might purposely vow to keep mine at 499 just to drive ppl crazy)-read through who you are following on twitter to see if what they are tweeting about is still something you are interested in. And oh my gosh, if not- unfollowing them.-followed someone else who had less than 1/3 of your level of followers- simply because you liked their stuff, not because they might RT to their 10k+ followers.Sorry, didn’t mean to sneak away the soap box. But man is this a social media pet peeve of mine. Be human once in a while people!

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