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I posted my first blog article exactly six years ago this very minute. Since then, I’ve published 755 articles with 207,104 words. I specifically used the word “published” rather than “wrote” because I actually wrote many more articles, but some couldn’t be written without hurting somebody. I don’t mind criticizing or teasing, but there’s some stuff that the world doesn’t need to know. BTW, that inaugural post is still popular. My top ten posts are listed below.

  1. Numbers, Baseball and My Kind of Selling
  2. First………..What is a RainMaker?
  3. Questions about competition
  4. Eric Tapley (Off Topic…..Kinda)
  5. top ten geek business myths
  6. Referrals à la Rick
  7. Change for Change’s Sake?
  8. How to Waste a Great Referral
  9. LinkedIn Tip for Salespeople that Read Blogs
  10. Blog Topics
Now, as I scan this list, I can’t help thinking about American Idol. Last Thursday, to Elaine’s surprise, Shannon went home. Elaine felt that Shannon should have been in the Top 10, but America felt differently. I feel the same way about my Top 10, but I’m not thinking about SEO, inbound links, etc. I’m thinking about content and lessons.
So, which articles would be in my Top 10?
top ten geek business myths” would definitely be there. I talk with entrepreneurs every day that will struggle or fail because of their self limiting beliefs and their inability to market and sell effectively.
I’m very pleased that “Referrals à la Rick” is on the list. I’ve talked about referrals in 25 articles. I’ve been a ‘by referral only’ business and believe that anyone that wants to be a 21st century rainmaker needs to learn how to use the 21st century tools to generate reputation and an endless stream of referrals. Please understand that you can be successful with inbound marketing and you can be successful with a ‘by referral only’ mindset, but if you can master both, you will be awesome.
For a while, I was on a networking kick and consequently have a fair number of articles on that topic. If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be Rod Lee’s interview, but a close second would be Intimidating Women. If you want to read them all, here they are.
I think that Prize Corn was the first post that I know got translated and re-posted. That was cool. I also thought that the attitude toward competition was a good message.
If you have time on your hands, you can search my blog for Success Secrets, Woody Allen, Magic Kingdom, Big Clients, movies and television shows. I’ve had several guest bloggers. I’ve had a good time and seldom been bored.
Thank you for reading and allowing me to reminisce.
Two questions for you.
Did I miss something? Is there some post that you thought was relevant? If you’ve got a thought, please share it as a comment.
Second question is, Do you have something to say? Would you like to write an article and have me post it here? Send me an email, or tell me as a comment. We’ll make it happen.

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