Not enough leads? Leads but no sales? You are not alone!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted “How to Use Hubspot to Increase Sales (Not Just Leads)“.

A few days ago I wrote “HHMMM!
Since then my partners and I have been very busy delivering these webinars to chamber of commerce members and getting ready to deliver “Maximize Your Hubspot ROI by Integrating Your Sales & Marketing“.
But there’s nothing like hearing from a customer. Today, Dale sent an email to someone on his list. He received this reply.

Hi Dale
You may not be aware but we had a very poor ROI and therefore canceled our service. At this time I would NOT recommend Hubspot!!

Dale told me and I replied directly to the customer, “I hope you don’t mind, but Dale
forwarded your response to me. Interestingly, he did so because he noticed how
proudly you displayed the (his) Chamber logo in your signature, rather than
anything that you said about Hubspot. I was in Denver earlier this month talking
about 21st century sales strategies with chamber executives at their National
Sales Training
. I saw that (his chamber president) was registered to attend, but I
don’t think that he and I actually met. (There were a lot of people

Unfortunately, yours is not the
first story that I’ve heard about unmet expectations, and maybe someday we can
swap stories, but not today. I did notice that your company has a Twitter presence
and a Facebook page and that the chamber has a members directory. Used properly,
that can be an effective combination. It’s actually one of the points that I
shared with the workshop attendees out in Denver.

So, the bottom line is

  1. As a result of my ‘friend of chambers everywhere’ mentality, my
    partners and I are in the process of delivering 3 webinars to chamber of
    commerce members. Feel free to attend the ones that are upcoming or listen to
    the recordings of those that have already occurred. Here’s
    the links
  1. The ROI webinar on Friday is being offered to Hubspot customers,
    past and present that are experiencing less than stellar results. The webinar is
    not about making better use of Hubspot. It’s about integrating your sales and
    marketing processes and aligning them to the 21st century customer’s
    buying process. It’s not about getting leads. It’s about getting sales.
    (BTW, I should point out that although I use Hubspot, I’m not a Hubspot
    employee, investor, owner, adviser or anyone else that might have an agenda. You
    might be interested in this short
    . If you’d like to attend the webinar,
    feel free.
  1. Finally, if you’d like to have a conversation someday about
    growing sales using social media without Hubspot, just reply as such and we’ll
    make it happen.

Happy Spring!

To which the customer replied, “Rick
I appreciate your information and have forwarded to our marketing team, who will attend. I would be interested in what you have to say about social media.

So, here’s the moral of the story. It’s not about leads. It’s not about software. It’s not about metrics or bright shiny objects. It’s about sales! So, if you know someone that’s trying to grow sales, with or without Hubspot, send them this article and tell them to read it and register for this Friday’s webinar. If it fills up, it will be recorded and available later to anyone that registers.

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