Yesterday, I read this article about Hubspot and commented with the title of this post.

I love Hubspot. I think that Hubspot is changing the world and I hope that Hubspot is around for decades, not just years, but that’s not the comment that I wanted to make.
What I wanted to ask is, “2.4 billion page views in 2011” awesome! “100,000 new landing pages” Great! How come nobody talked about the number of dollars or sales all that activity caused (other than millions for Hubspot)?
HHMMM! Here’s something that you should read.

4 thoughts on “HHMMM!

  1. I talked with someone today who is in marketing. She convinced her boss to sign up for Hubspot. Great, except for the fact that she now has to do all the inbound work by by herself, the responsibility of ROI is on her. She uses all her time trying to write unique, original and compelling content to get the leads that sales wants. The sad part is that sales sees her and this whole inbound thing as a threat, or just social media nonsense. So she can not ask for help or resources. What is a girl to do?

  2. My guess is that she had to convince her boss to ‘try’ Hubspot, rather than showing that Hubspot was one piece of the puzzle to growing sales and that’s exactly what my HHMMM! meant. There is not a direct correlation between page views, landing pages, leads and revenue or sales unless……

    Sales and Marketing have been fully integrated


    aligned with the company’s revenue goals


    aligned with their customer’s 21st century buying process.

  3. This inspired me to write about Common Sense in my blog (http://bit.ly/GARCwn) today. I like HubSpot as well, but why would anyone think purchasing some tool will transform you into an expert? So, if I buy the best tablet and fastest internet connection, then I will be an Inbound Sales & Marketing guru? I can skip all the hard work and effort? Nice! Where is the common sense?

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