More Sales Leads?

I’ve always been a salesman. So, keep that in mind as you read this.

Salespeople might not be perfect, but I’m realizing that many marketers suck. Marketers are talking about how many visitors they’re attracting, how many ‘leads’ they’re generating and what the market wants. Respectfully, even they know that they’re not relevant, but that doesn’t keep them from pointing at their sales counterparts and accusing them of not knowing what a qualified lead looks like and not being able to ‘close’ a door.
The problem is, most marketers can’t sell. They don’t have the core competencies. They can’t close. They can’t work 1:1 with a prospect to find out what they personally compelling reasons to buy are. So, they guess. They don’t try to align sales and marketing. It’s us and them. Marketers accuse sales of being overpaid prima donnas and that marketers don’t get any credit.
So, for the past two years, I’ve been working with marketing agencies that say that they want to learn how to sell, but that may be the wrong end of the problem. Good salespeople know how to uncover customer’s needs. They can recognize buying signals. They know where to find the budget. Maybe they just need to know the 12 steps to establishing their own personal marketing plan that generates high quality leads for themselves so that they can stop wasting time with unqualified, unsell-able leads.

One thought on “More Sales Leads?

  1. Excellent Rick. I hope no one accuses me of being a marketer. I am a Renaissance man and a gentleman farmer first, although my day job might indicate otherwise. Thanks for the reference and welcome to the revolution.

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