Business Lesson from The Artist

Elaine and I went to see “The Artist” on Saturday evening. As I watched the movie, I couldn’t help comparing George to the salespeople and business owners that I’ve met that are:

  • staying the course
  • working their plan
  • doing what they’ve always done
They say that they were the best and they’ll rise again.
They say that their plan makes sense on paper and they just have to keep at it.
They say that their “same old” is different.
They say that this is what they went to school for and they just have to get the word out.
They are always much smarter than the rest of the world.
Don’t let it happen to you.
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2 thoughts on “Business Lesson from The Artist

  1. I just reading the book “Switch: Change when change is hard’. Here is what has stuck with me so far ‘Self-control is an exhaustible resource…When people try to change things, they’re usually tinkering with behaviors that have become automatic, and changing those behaviors requires careful supervision…the bigger the change you’re suggesting, the more it will sap people’s self-control.’Maybe the reason that people resist change isn’t laziness, but exhaustion?

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