Operating Blind

Imagine this. You walk into your Doctor’s office and say, “I’ve got a headache.” He says, “Ok. Take this pill. It will put you to sleep. Then lay down on that table right there. Then he pulls out his trephine drill and starts loosening up. You ask, “What’s that for?” and he replies, “This will allow me to drill through your skull and hopefully prevent me from hitting your brain.”

So, tell me. Are you gonna take that pill and go to sleep on the mad doctor’s table?

  So, you know how you go to the doctor, sit down on the chair and he sits down in his chair and asks, “So what brings you in today?” You say, “My leg has been bothering me.” He says, “OK, no problem. Put your foot up on my knee here.” and asks, “Do you have a wallet?” You raise an eyebrow and answer, “Yes. Why.” He replies, “Take your wallet. Put it between your teeth and bite down hard. Now, look away.” and he uncovers the tray on the little desk and you see his set of scalpels. You ask, “What are you doing?” He answers, “Exploratory surgery to find out why your leg hurts.” You’re frantic and trying to get your foot off his knee. “What about an xray? an operating room? anesthesia?” He replies, “Relax! I went to Medical School. Sometimes xrays are inconclusive and we need to do exporatory surgery. I’m saving you time. Wallets worked in the 1800’s and they’re cheaper than anesthesia. Suck it up and bite down. Operating rooms are expensive. We don’t need to spend the money. I can do this right here in the office.”
 Impact Analysis resized 600 Some say that companies spend $20 Billion on sales training every year.

Do you have a sales force?

How much does your recruiter cost you? $50-100K? Has turnover improved? Do the new salespeople on-board quicker? Do they stay longer? Do they outperform their predecessors?

How much does your trainer cost you? $50-100K? Has everybody doubled sales? Have most doubled sales?Has anybody doubled sales?

How much do your sales managers cost you? $500K? A million? What impact are your sales managers having on your salespeople? Can/do they coach? Can/do they get their team to perform?

How many MBA’s does it take to deliver mediocre results?

How many times are you gonna take your sales managers’ excuses?

How much longer will you tolerate a longer than necessary sales cycle?

How much longer will you tolerate losing half the sales that should be closed?

How much longer will you tolerate  your salespeople asking their managers to throw something in to ‘sweeten the deal’ so they can make quota?

So, if you wouldn’t let a DOCTOR drill into your brain or do exploratory surgery on your leg without taking an xray, why would you let a bunch of MBA’s operate on your sales force without taking an xray first?

Bottom line: Are you just a do-it-yourselfer? Even if people get hurt?

Are you drinking your own Kool-Aid?


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