Do Followers Impact Sales?

Asked differently, “Does the number of Twitter followers, blog subscribers, Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections have any impact on sales?”

Yes! Of course! I’m not stupid! Nor do I think that you are.
Then why don’t I care about how many I have, nor teach my clients how to have 10,000 followers?
Let’s use President Obama (or any past or present elected official) as an example.
How many millions of Americans voted for President Obama? Lots.
How many of them would love to have dinner, a drink or coffee with him? Lots.
How many of them would he like to have dinner, a drink or coffee with? Probably a lot less.
Why? He’s just not that into you and truth be told, you may not be that into him. He wants your vote. He says what you need to hear (or not) and you vote for him (or not), but if you call him on the phone, will your conversation be personally meaningful to either of you?
I’ve met many entrepreneurs with huge followings that struggle trying to convert a follower to a paying customer. They try to ‘sell’ in a social networking medium and wind up alienating followers because ‘following’ is free and followers don’t want to be asked for money, but if you try to disqualify your followers as customers, you may wind up disqualifying them as followers. Then you won’t have followers or money.
I don’t work with politicians. I’m not attracted to ‘vanilla’. I like Ferrari drivers.

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