Final RainMaker Sales Tip for 2011

Yesterday, I sent out my ‘thank you and good bye’ letters to my 4Q11 clients.

One of them replied with this,
“It’s been a real blessing and honor to have been coached by someone of your caliber and experience. It’s also been fun ans a privilege to get to know you. I feel like because of the timing here I was handed the keys to a Ferrari (your coaching) but never was able to take it out of the driveway. However, I can’t wait to get everything you’ve taught me out to the open road very soon. It’s all about compelling reasons. : )”
I was floored! I’d link back to him, but I don’t know if he would want his identity known, but I don’t think that I’ve ever felt as flattered as I did when I read his reply. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Interestingly, he is one of 4 partners. One of his partners took sick early in our engagement, but this partner stepped up and did what it took. I should tell you that when we agreed to work together, we agreed to work at quadrupling sales in 4 months. We tripled sales. All retainer work. All him!
So, the last RainMaker sales tip of 2011 is

Work through the pain. Work through the tiredness. Do it right. Keep improving.
One more thing. Want a kick start to 2012?
Happy New Year!

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