Inbound Marketing Conversions

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of inbound marketing, internet marketing and social selling. Get rich by writing a blog post. Let your Twitter followers send you customers. Discover the magical keyword that customers are using this week. Get your friends on Facebook to get their friends’ friends’ friends to ‘like’ your company and don’t forget to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to connect on LinkedIn. Optimize. Personalize. Evangelize. Aggrandize. Then realize….

You’re not rich yet! How come?
Last week I read, “You are your biggest competitor
What’s going on? Should you or shouldn’t you?
Of course you should! BUT, as my wife says, “Moderation in all things.”
Before you quit your inbound marketing effort or before you start, ask yourself these questions.
Does the person that I’m buying from understand my business? Have they ever owned or run a business my size?
Can you do it yourself or do you need help and will a wrong decision put you out of business?
Do you understand that top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom of funnel, and sales ready don’t mean that your customer has their credit card in their hand and they’re ready to buy? Do you understand that you will need to change the way you sell?
Can the person that I’m buying from help me market? Do they do it themselves?
Can the person that I’m buying from help me sell? Do they do it themselves?

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One thought on “Inbound Marketing Conversions

  1. I have learned from dozens of clients that internet marketing is like all of us that resolve to lose weight in the New Year. We have all seen the ads and promotions for everything from Jenny Craig to Planet Fitness. Internet Marketing is no different. I am also getting the “Transform your marketing in 30 days” or “Fill your pipeline in 2 weeks” emails. All promise the same thing. So why then doesn’t it work?Why do so many fail after a month, 2 months? We have all the best tools and help, but we still fall off the weight lose wagon?Why do so many KNOW that they should blog, they should pick up the phone, but they just don’t? Instead they go chasing after the next big thing- whether it is Foursquare or LinkedIn. Why do so many register for a webinar thinking that they will learn some secret that will turn them into a success overnight?Weight lose, like internet marketing = moderation. Your wife is right! Or as my nana says, do not put all your eggs in the same basket. Nana also told me, if it is work, it will probably work. Moderation is work.

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