ROI of Inbound Marketing

Is your inbound marketing effort not working? Let me ask the question differently. Add up every investment that you’ve made into your inbound marketing effort.

Hubspot subscription………………………$15,000
IMC training/education/consulting………   2,500
100 hours of your time (@ $50/hr)…….   5,000
There may be more. Maybe you’ve been at it for years and your investment is a multiple of that. Maybe you’ve invested 100’s of hours of your time or you’re worth $2-3-500/hr. Regardless, you can calculate your own total investment into inbound marketing. What is the ROI on your investment? If you invested @22,500 into your effort, have you sold $22,500 over what you would have if you did not make the investment? Forget selling. How about profit? There’s direct costs. overhead, etc. associated with selling. Aren’t you actually looking for a profit? How much extra profit has your investment generated? If you haven’t generated more profit or at least more sales than you would have if you did not invest in inbound marketing,
“Why do you continue to make the investment?”
Seriously, why? How did you find customers before you started drinking the inbound marketing Kool-Aid?
Referrals? Have you compared the cost of a referral to your investment in inbound?
Trade shows? Maybe trade show traffic has been down and you haven’t been getting the ROI that you used to get, but has your investment in inbound helped or just drained your cash and time?
Yellow pages, media advertising, traditional 4 P’s, PPC, etc.? Ask the same question. Are you really better off with or without inbound marketing?
What is your real ROI?
Should you continue or start?
If you’re good with numbers, use the formula and figure it out, but don’t pretend. Be real.
If you’re not good with numbers or don’t trust yourself to be real or want a second set of eyes, contact your CPA, your Hubspot partner (not Hubspot itself) or
send me an email

. Make sure that whoever you call agrees to keep you real. No rose colored glasses!
Finally, get an ebook to address your specifc concern at SMARKETING EBOOKS.

6 thoughts on “ROI of Inbound Marketing

  1. Rick- how dare you imply that one thing, inbound marketing, can’t solve all your business growth problems.

    That is like saying you need more then just a website to get found online!

    Or that it’s not enough to have sales people hitting the phone!

    This reminds me of a quote. I think it has to do with eggs and baskets, or something like that?

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