Sales Words

Dave Kurlan’s recent post talks about the lack of understanding of “Sales 2.0” outside of a group of early adopters and early followers and suggests that he was going to stop using the term. Frankly, salespeople, business people, consultants and experts do this all the time. They want to differentiate themselves. They want to appear to be leading edge. So, they make up a name for it.

Now, Dave didn’t make up the word, but he is part of that group that gets it, practices it and can teach it. As a matter of fact, the guy that made up the term probably didn’t make up the process. He saw how good salespeople were using their tools and named it. However, it doesn’t necessarily follow that customers will want it just because he gave it a name.
Think about your own world. How cool do you think you are? What are your words? When you say your words, do you prospects’ eyes glaze over? What are their words? If you use a word before your prospect is asking what the process is called, you’re going too fast. Frank Belzer’s  most recent ebook talks about alignment between the sales process and the buying process.
Smarketing is one of those words. It’s a guess at what to name a process. Will the name catch on? Probably not. Will the process? You tell me.
Do your salespeople ever complain about the quality of their leads?
Do your marketing people ever complain that your salespeople couldn’t close a door?
Do either, your salespeople or your marketing people not know your customers’ words?
Does your inbox look like a mall parking lot during the Christmas season? So many customers but not enough salespeople or time to figure out who are the buyers?
Did your salespeople used to have a healthy, flowing predictable pipeline, but now they’ve got 5 times as many opportunities in the pipeline, but their sales are down?
If you want the answers now,
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. If you’re not in a hurry, stay tuned.

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