Sales, Marketing or Smarketing

First, an apology. As you may know, I’ve posted 720 blog articles since March of 2006. If you do the math, that’s an average of 2.4 articles per week. So, it’s not normal that it’s been over two weeks since I asked you to stay tuned for more on 21st Century RainMakers. A foot of heavy, wet, concrete-like snow knocked out power, cable, internet and phone, fried my laptop, propane, fireplace, microwave, electric blanket, and several other small appliances including our automatic coffee maker. (Have you ever tried living normally without the coffee being ready when you wake up in the morning?)

So, we’re getting back to normal, and although I’m still going to ask you to stay tuned, I want to let you know that yesterday, the Smarketing Team began the transition. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be explaining what you, your marketing people and your salespeople need to do differently and the changes that are necessary in the way that you attract, acquire and retain customers, as you make the transition to inbound marketing.
At this point, you can subscribe to The RainMakerMaker, join Smarketing RainMakers on LinkedIn, Smarketing_Gurus on Twitter and/or Smarketing RainMakers on Facebook. There’s a lot coming!

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