Do Buyers’ Opinions Matter?

I bought a new laptop a few weeks ago. I also got a new tablet. Very cool. I got this idea that I wanted to get a new briefcase to protect my laptop, tablet, camera, flipcam and all the cords, drives, etc. Elaine needed to go to Macy’s at Whitney Place on Black Friday and Macy’s at Solomon Pond on Saturday. I went over to the luggage department in both stores to check things out.

OK, so all the briefcase boxes have catalog numbers and a description. All the sale placards have a list of descriptions that are not the same as the descriptions on the boxes along with the regular prices and the sale prices, but no catalog numbers. How the heck am I supposed to figure out how much a briefcase costs? IMHO, I’d make the descriptions on the box match the descriptions on the signs.
Maybe my opinion doesn’t matter?
I also bought a new garage door opener to replace the one that got fried in the electrical surge that also fried our alarm clock, our phone system, our fireplace, our electric blanket, my laptop, our microwave, our coffee maker, our receiver and a few light fixtures and outlets. I used to be handy and I convinced myself that it would be easy and fun to install the garage door opener. That was on 11/11. Today is 11/26 and the box is in the garage unopened. I’m sure it might have been fun, but I’m never gonna have the time. So, I called Lowes where I bought the opener. I told my story to Brian in millwork and ended with I wanted someone to come out and install it. Brian said, “Oh, too bad you didn’t do that when you bought it. I could have saved you the sales tax. (Boy! Am I stupid!) So, I ask Brian how much to install the garage door opener. He says gotta send a guy to look over the job. That costs $35. He comes back. Tells me what needs to be done. Then we can sign a contract and get it done. Brian. There’s an opener there already. It has to be removed and you put the new one in. Pretty straightforward. How much does it usually cost? Brian asked, “Are you trying to get this done over the phone?” Yes Brian, I am. So, how much? Brian finally says “$97” I said, great. Let’s get it done. He tells me that I have to come into the store to arrange for the $35 inspection, then back in to sign the $97 contract. Is he not freaking listening? If I had the time to go back to the store (twice), I’d install the darn thing myself!
So, do you think that marketing is telling sales that customers like coming into the store? Or do you think that they’re not listening when sales tells them that some customers don’t need to come into the store? Or, does it not matter what the buyer thinks or wants?
Last one – repairman comes to the house to fix my fireplace. Grunts. Groans. Looks confused. Finally cuts the four wires that are connected to an electronic gizmo and says, you need a new one of these. I say Great. He says, let me know when you’ve got it and I’ll come back to install it.
Huh? I call you to fix my fireplace and you want me to go get the parts?
Needless to say, it didn’t happen that way, but seriously. Is marketing not listening to sales or is sales not listening to marketing or Do Buyers’ Opinions NOT Matter?
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