More On (Not moron) Reality vs. Virtuality

Remember Mr. Awesome? His real name is Matt Webster. He calls himself The Supreme Chancellor. This is his company.

OK. So, now it’s your turn. He’s out there. He’s real. He’s not perfect, but he’s trying. Here’s his blog. Give him some feedback.

Comment here. Comment on his blog. Tell him what you think. Tell him what you like and don’t like.

2 thoughts on “More On (Not moron) Reality vs. Virtuality

  1. Somehow in this crazy world, people have got to stop talking and start working towards solutions. It seems like the whole world is whining these days. Those that take a step back and observe will realize how lucky we truly are. It is my belief that during these difficult times, many people will come back down to earth and re-prioritize their lives. Great Blog.

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