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I started working with a new client last month. Honestly, it wasn’t the easiest sale that I’ve ever made, but once we engaged, he committed 100%. Last Friday, I sent the following email to him, “This question was posted to one of my groups. Is it something for you?” and I included the details of the request. I received the following response. “Rick, Good lead …we appreciate it very much!!” It was unexpected and he verbally added that our relationship was already showing a return. Well, Duh! Isn’t that what it’s about? Actually, I never tell prospects that they should expect referrals from me, but give me a break! I practice what I preach.

Contrast that with this email that I received yesterday. “Hi Rick, Do you know these guys? I noticed they came up on the the (prospect list) for February. We do a lot of work helping companies (yada yada yada). Would you be able to introduce me to someone? Thanks” I’ve never referred him. He’s never referred me. I don’t buy from him. He’s not a client. As a matter of fact, he’s a client of a competitor. I know a guzzillion people in his industry and I have an expert that would be my first call. Why would I introduce him?

So. I sent the following email to my expert. “Expert, I know the guys that (he) wants to talk to except I don’t want to refer him. Who should I introduce them to? Somebody like you that does (that stuff). Straight shooter. No bullshit. I don’t like (him), but if he’s the only choice, and the my client wants to help, I’ll hold my nose, grit my teeth and make the introduction.

My guy’s handling it.

If you’re not getting it, you should read How I Refer. I’m pretty black and white. I like clients and I do almost anything for them and if their business fails, it’s not because of me.

3 thoughts on “More on Referrals

  1. Frank, thank you, but this isn’t quite the old Rick. The old Rick would have sent a link to that post to the ‘offender’. This Rick just let’s his friends know how his head works and assures them that he’s loyal to them.

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