2 thoughts on “Sales Advice a la Obama

  1. Hi Rick, Great comments by Dave and of course great comments by President Obama. With all the dust that should be flying around and the economy being compared in places to the 1930’s, watch out for the “Dust Bowl” being created and sales people making the excuse of not being able to “see through all the dust”.I suggest that the managers of these “dusted” off sales people get them goggles to use so that “dust does not become an excuse.Companies create product and service to sell. The right sales people in place with the right mindset will sell and people will buy. With sales moving along, the economy gets a cash flow moving and becomes better.There will be those who will sit in the “dust storm” waiting for it to pass. My guess they will be buried and no longer exist in the world of sales. Thanks, ED

  2. I love “The Secret” it’s a lot like “Think & Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. You reap what you sow. I started a business last July and in October everyone asked me how I was doing. There were alot of people who were feeling bad for me. However, I love what I do, most people want to be healthy, I know I ofeer a great atmosphere and incredible value. So, guess what, we are doing really well!! I can’t wait for a “good economy”

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