Great Hires

I think that Frank Belzer is going to prove to be one of Dave Kurlan’s greatest hires, if not THE greatest hire.

I had the pleasure of working the 128 Business Expo today with him today. He was engaging, professional, focused and relaxed. He is a dynamo at events without being rushed or pushy. He works harder and smarter than almost anybody I know. I’ve watched him show disappointment in his results while at the same time I see his resolve to get where he’s going. I’ve heard the struggle in his voice while he’s debriefing a recent contact with a prospect that didn’t close. Interestingly, though, the struggle isn’t that he wants the sale, it’s that he knows what the customer should do, but can’t find the way to help them do it. But he doesn’t give up.

So, I thought that his post tonight was especially apropos. Frank came to Kurlan with huge experience. He’s sold a ton. He’s managed top sales forces, and has many awards in his office. He’ll tell you, though, that it’s different here and that he isn’t succeeding here because of his experience. He’s succeeding because of his strengths, his character, his ability and his lack of weaknesses.

OK. Enough commentary. Here’s the post.

Thanks, Frank!

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