What are you afraid of?

Yesterday, while I was walking, I noticed a lady stretching to look at some rocks. She explained that the day before, she saw two snakes sunning themselves on top of the rocks and the mere fact that they were in the area “gave her the creeps”. I’ve seen people jump up on tables when they see a mouse, hide under the covers when they see a bat and break out into a sweat when they go to the dentist. Why? Did something happen to them once and it was traumatic enough that they’ll remember it forever?

My skin used to crawl when my grandmother used to put her parakeet on my finger. I’m told that it’s because when I was little a parakeet tried to land on my nose with its wings flapping in my face. I don’t remember the incident, but apparently it still affects me because I still prefer not to be around birds. Now, as you read this, you may be saying to yourself, “Rick’s crazy. Birds are beautiful, gentle, friendly and fun to be around. Wouldn’t hurt you.” You might also say the same thing about fear of mice, bats, snakes, dogs, heights, the dark, yada, yada, yada……. Get over it.

Here’s the interesting thing. We may not remember the event that gave us the fear. We may not even know that we have the fear. We just know that we’d prefer to not deal with it. So, when I’m working with a salesperson that has call reluctance, they may not know the event that gave them the fear, they may not even know that they have the fear, but before I can teach them to overcome the fear, they first have to recognize it and face it and just like with me and the birds, saying, “Get over it!” doesn’t work.

What fears are keeping you from being all that you could be by keeping you from doing what you should do?

Is there something keeping you from making cold calls?

Is there something keeping you from asking tough questions?

Is there something keeping you from getting the business?

Are you worried about being called pushy, abrasive or arrogant?

What unrecognized, undiagnosed, unacknowledged fear is holding you back?

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