Wrong Direction

Yesterday, the priest starts off his sermon with two questions.

“Show of hands everybody….How many of you enjoy having other people tell you that you’re wrong?”

I was near the back of the church, so I could see that very few hands went up.

“Second question….How many of you enjoy telling other people that they are wrong?”

Considerably more hands went up.

Interesting! Huh? So, as I pondered this opening, my thoughts were interrupted by the actual sermon.

“…..when you have to tell someone they’re wrong, do it gently….
if they don’t change, bring some friends to help you tell them they’re wrong….
if they still don’t change, tell The Church….”

Any comments relative to the sermon, my comment to Pete’s postI’m Back, Out of Business, or Kinder & Gentler?

One thought on “Wrong Direction

  1. In my business, I often have to tell people that they are wrong in so many ways. It can be hard to do, but most people appreciate the feedback if it is done in a respectful manner. Most times they will thank you for helping them change. Delivery is HUGE. An example is when you listen to your kids. Mine are 12, 10 & 8 and each one takes GREAT pleasure in proving the other is wrong. I cringe many times at their conversations and at times will give it back to them in their tone. It is a great to see their reaction and I use it as a teaching point. The best thing we can teach ourselves and our children is tact and respect.

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