Conversations with Experts

‘Twas an interesting week!

I had a conversation this week (with an expert in their field) that started, “Can you help me with following up after I meet someone after a networking event.” I coached for over an hour. I shared word tracks, attitudes, everything that I could. I promise. I didn’t hold anything back. I answered every question and gave extra. We even role-played several scenarios. I wish that I could tell you that it worked, but we were addressing one little piece of the process.

Process…….It starts with figuring out who to talk to, what to say, where to find them, then doing it. It goes through, needs analysis, establishing rapport, yada, yada, yada. It ends with having a happy, repeating, totally loyal customer that’s become an evangelist and a constant source of referrals.

Following up after a networking event is a very small part of the process, and although I gave it my all,

there’s a lot more to do.
The second conversation with an expert was even more rewarding. I mentioned a particular opening question to a quasi-competitor and I got this response. “Rick, I am going to try your question. I love it! Will keep you posted.” I was so enthralled with this acknowledgement from a peer that I called them, immediately. Thanked them for starting my day that way. Then we talked for a minute, specifically about ‘difficult’ clients. They told me about a client that they recently had to tell three things.

1.)    Look, you’ve had the change order for three months. We’ve talked about it for hours. You know it will work.
        Sign the change order or don’t, but we don’t need to talk about it any more.

2.)    We’ve talked about Joe 27 times. He’s killing your organization. Fire him!

3.)    Pick up the phone and call me. Stop sending me 1,000 word emails. I don’t have time to read them. Call me.

I’ve paraphrased to protect the innocent, but the point is, “If you’re asking for help and you’re asking a person that you believe is an expert, shut your mouth, open your ears and your mind and do what you’re told.

In closing, I’ll admit that Todd gave me a pretty good “up yours” and despite Dave Kurlan’s comment, I doubt that he’s ever gonna swallow his pride enough to call me, but if he ever did, he’d find out what nurturing was all about.

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