Kinder and Gentler….Like the IRS

Remember a few years ago, the IRS tried to fix their image problem by using the words, “Kinder and Gentler”?

Well, I’m wondering if Rick could use a little of the same. I’ve recently read comments like:

“not everyone can or should try to be like Rick”

“Are you sorry you were abrasive”

“people may not like the direct approach”

“Your feistiness is loveable, but only to those who are not afraid of you. Those who don’t know you well may be intimidated by your willingness to confront.”

“Maybe they’re offended by the WAY you tell them they’re the problem”

“This is quintessential Rick”

And that was just in the past week!

In addition, last week I had a conversation with Kate Hyland Mercer and while reviewing our history, I found an email from her from last October that asked “Can you teach clients skills that are universal or are they “just Rick’s way”?”

OK, so here’s the challenge! I can be nurturing and still be effective. You can introduce your best client to me without worrying about me, ‘blowing them up’. I don’t have to be as ‘in your face’ as I have been recently.

To prove it, I will be a KINDER AND GENTLER Rick until Labor Day! FIVE WEEKS of sweetness! I absolutely assure you… attitude between now and then. If you have someone who needs a meeker approach, now’s the time. Send me an email. Call. Just make sure that they get in before September 1st.

Two other things…..If you hear a blood curdling scream of frustration late at night, you’ll know who it is.

Second, you might want to give me a wide berth on September 2.

Oh, one more thing….You clients that are already in? You won’t see a change. You bought the old Rick.

10 thoughts on “Kinder and Gentler….Like the IRS

  1. Oh NO! Nurturing? YUK!…the rest of my summer is now ruined as I can no longer live vicariously through that in your face Rick that makes me chuckle….Rick, your unique style makes you—well YOU. Too bad folks are intimidated by you instead of appreciating your insight—most people just tell us what we want to hear and not what we should hear, so 36 days and counting till the REAL RICK comes back!

  2. Back in high school, my brother always got “the talk” from my parents about how he could and should be doing better in school. He even had it boiled down to 1 of 3 speeches. After one such speech he said next term he’d make the honor roll just to show them he can do it, and then he’d go back to his old ways because he didn’t care. He did it with not much more effort at all. His life was easier and my parents were happy – until the next marking period.These were signs that he had not found his focus. Rock bottom for him was not here yet. Now, he is a success story – happy, caring and reaching his full potential. If “the talk” has not caused you to want to change or you don’t think you need to, then why waste 5 weeks.So, I’m confused who the “challenge” is for. If it’s for us, I don’t see the upside once you revert as planned. If it’s for you to change and reach your full potential because you want to be caring, nurturing, respectful and more effective, then I look forward to reading the blog posts that have positive emotional responses that you have created all in one week.

  3. Is this beach selling for the rest of the summer? What about ABL? Or do you have more time to waste at the beach? Please remember how much time you save people with the Billy Butts close, some people like to take a lot of time to let down sales people when they don’t buy and your method of ABL saves everybody time even if they don’t realize it.

  4. This is interesting and it’ll be interesting to see your comments in September. I’m hoping for, “Oh, I get it.” from Sharon. “HMMMM, there’s a lesson there.” from Jason. “Aha! I can do that.” from Pete. and “I knew it all along.” from Mr. Sunshine.

  5. Hey Rick,Good social experiment. I’ll be interested to read about your findings.It explains the nice comment on my blog. 😉 (gentle poke, but completely appreciated) Any chance of adopting the kinder/gentler ways as a more permanent fixture in your daily business life if you find results you like?If so, what are the results you would consider worthy of such a permanent inclusion?Also, if you can be just as effective through niceness and nurturing, why be any other way?Laura

  6. Hey, Laura,The comment on your blog was totally deserved. I’ve watched you grow considerably from our Breakfast Club meeting a few years ago and I’m not stroking for the sake of stroking. Several months ago, I saw the list that show where you rank among your competitors and I was in the room when your firm received the award from the Better Business Bureau last fall. I’m not an expert, but you appear to be positioned well and well respected for your green efforts and the sleepy Laura Briere who’s not a morning person, but went to the Breakfast Club anyway is now a pretty savvy businessperson with a payroll and a reputation.So, my comment on your blog has nothing to do with my experiment. It was deserved.

  7. Hi Rick,Since it seems like I have a role in this play, I felt I should comment! 🙂 Congratulations on trying something new and I can’t wait to hear about the results. However, I have to agree with Jason… for whom are you doing this, or better yet, why are you doing this? How will you measure success and the value of your experiment at the end of the 5 weeks? Just for the record, I noticed that you were kinder and gentler when we spoke last week. Thank you for the extra time you gave me on the phone. I really appreciated it. You have a natural knack for breaking things down into smaller and smaller chunks, which is very valuable. Can’t wait to hear the results. Good luck! Kate

  8. I personally like the old Rick. Old Rick makes me do the things I NEED to do. Not the things I WANT to do. Old Rick holds me accountable.New “people” may not be able to stomach old Rick… but are they ready to change their self limiting ways?Just a thought… Dale

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