March 18th

I was trying to decide how to mention that I’ve been blogging for two years. Since March 18, 2006 at 5:46 AM. This was my first post.

I think that my focus changed. I’m not so sure that we’ve been talking about ‘making rain’, but I think that we have shared experiences, challenges, failures and successes. I find it interesting how many examples, both good and bad, that we can see every day if we just watch. The ‘Big Clients’ post came from a conversation with a client during my first month of blogging. As did the post about buying my car and the post about the lesson learned at the Red Sox game………………All in the first month.

Prize Corn and ABL happened a few months later.

More recently, you may remember intimidating women? American Idol? or the school bus lesson?

These posts, comments and blogversations have led to some pretty interesting off-line conversations and I want to thank everyone that encouraged me, answered my questions, read, commented and otherwise got involved.

At various times, I’ve gotten distracted by trying to link to other bloggers, growing readership, plugging events, or products. That’s not where I want to be.

I read other blogs. Occasionally, I bring a post to your attention, but mostly, I read to enjoy and grow. Occasionally you’ll bring something to my attention and I’ve posted it. Sometimes not.

So many other things that I could mention. Guest bloggers. Personal events. It’s interesting to me, how many people have started a blog since March, 2006 and stopped after one or two posts. I plan on continuing on and if you are so moved, I hope that you’ll keep reading.

In closing, I was talking with one of my favorite readers last Thursday and he told me that he really enjoys reading, but he gets really turned around when I put a lot of links in the post and sometimes winds up with twenty windows open thinking, “Huh?”

Dan, this ones for you!

11 thoughts on “March 18th

  1. Rick – I congratulate you on maintaining this effort for so long, and seldom writing a post that left us thinking that you must have been scraping to bottom of the barrel to come up with that content!This is a testament to your powers of observation, analogy, and story telling.Please keep it up. I’m enjoying it, and sometimes even learning something!Thanks,Rob

  2. As a new comer to your blog, last couple of months, I have enjoyed the American Idol talks and the insights from conversations you have had.I am about to embark into the blogging world and hope that I can be as enjoyable to read as you.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes.As to the pool, I was going to give a wise guy answer, but realized that there are probably people that can recognize which team is stronger, faster, more skilled as well as which team wants it more, whether they’re on a winning streak or losing streak, who’s injured, who’s not. These people are probably more likely to pick the winner than I.Now, the question is, “Have you been watching as closely as they?”

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