Baseline Selling Boot Camp

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“It’s official – according to the latest poll of Economists, the US Economy is in a recession. Consumers and businesses will be watching their spending much more closely and salespeople will find it more difficult to close sales than at any time in the past 15 years. While great salespeople will struggle, salespeople who live off of repeat business and existing accounts will suffer tremendously. This issue makes the timing of Dave Kurlan’s upcoming Baseline Selling Boot Camp just perfect.

If you need to bring in more business, find new accounts, close opportunities that are languishing in the pipeline, win against price-cutting competition, retain accounts, close deals, reposition your company, differentiate more effectively, sell more consultatively, sign up new clients or simply uphold slipping margins, or you have people who need to do that for you, the Baseline Selling Boot Camp is sure to help. Under the expert guidance of Dave Kurlan and his dynamic team of top sales experts, you and/or your people will be assessed and trained hard over two days to develop the strengths and skills needed to close more business despite an uncertain economic environment.”

Dave Kurlan

You can get details on the Boot Camp here.

You can register for the Boot Camp here. (Be sure to change the drop down at the bottom of the page from “Invited by Baseline Selling Tips” to “Invited by Rick Roberge”.

If you have any questions, call me or email me directly.

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