Who’s really the beneficiary of a good referral?

I had the opportunity to talk at the HYPE9 Lunchbox last Wednesday. Professional Development and Networking with a group of high powered young professionals looking to make their mark on the world. My topic was “Focused Follow Up to Nail the Sale!” They were easy to talk to. Engaged from the first word. At one point, I needed a guinea pig to show how I go from the handshake to giving and getting a referral in less than five minutes. I volunteered Mike Sachleben of BlitzTime to role play with me.

So, we shook hands, I asked him what he did. He told me all about how awesome Blitztime was. We went down two paths and found a ‘class’ of customer that we both liked working with and found two specific introductions that we could make to each other. It went the way it should have.

The next day I got a basket of chocolates with a note that started with, “Rick, Thanks again for the great free publicity you gave us at yesterday’s HYPE 9 event.”

Let’s restate the question. Who’s really the beneficiary here? Who’s gonna benefit the most?

Sure, Mike’s got a few new members. That’s a benefit. And he got some exposure. That’s a benefit.

But, more importantly, the new members have filled a need that they have. That’s a benefit to EACH new member! And, I’m willing to bet that a lot of people in that room have that same need and that they will eventually become members. That’s a benefit to A LOT OF PEOPLE.

The salesperson or provider usually benefits from a referral that becomes a customer because they make a little money. BUT THE PERSON BEING REFERRED BECOMES A CUSTOMER BECAUSE THEY’RE FILLING A NEED! They’re benefiting way more than the salesperson. So, Mike, thanks for the chocolates, but it wasn’t really about you, it was about all those people’s needs.

One more thing! All you HYPE9-ers that become members of BlitzTime can send an email to thank me for the introduction, but please….No More Chocolates!

3 thoughts on “Who’s really the beneficiary of a good referral?

  1. AND the customer’s need “is filled” by the referral… forgive the tardiness but regarding the 3/18 post I appreciate the consideration to minimizing the number of links….. One might think that perhaps I suffer from A.D.D. and have the inability to follow multiple but related thoughts. To the contrary. My preference to follow one train of thought is simply to become totally engrossed “Hey look, a chicken….will I have fried or boy Beth and I really need a new oven granite tops??

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