American Idol

So, I’m sitting here watching American Idol with Elaine. Some of these people are really terrible. What’s really funny is when the ‘contestants’ argue with the judges. It’s one thing to sing off key in the shower. It’s totally different to do it when strangers can hear….AND….it’s delusional to think that America should pay big money for their records.

Tonight, American Idol claimed to have had a crowd of 10,000 auditioners in South Carolina and they sent 9,977 home. 23 out of 10,000 were deemed good enough to “go to Hollywood” and continue in the competition.

It got me thinking about the people that are struggling as salespeople, as small business owners or as entrepreneurs because they think they can sell. Funny thing is that if I notice something about the way they sell and suggest that they should have themselves evaluated, sometimes I feel like a judge on American Idol.

So, often, I don’t mention it, and let them continue to struggle.

But, I don’t feel good about it.

How many ‘no’s’ do they have to get before they realize that they’re doing it badly?

One thought on “American Idol

  1. I think you just came up with a great new show: “American Sales Idol”. Can you imagine 10k salespeople lining up to get on First base. Judges = You, Dave and Donald Trump. Quick call Simon Cowell.

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