OMG Conference Lessons

Those of you who have ever attended multi-day conferences, symposiums or conventions will be able to relate.

This weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to Objective Management Group‘s International Conference in Boston. Don’t misunderstand. I like the real world, but imagine being in a room with 150 sales development experts from around the world for the better part of two days. Confidence, Professionalism, Experience, Talent were everywhere. The conversations and sharing were everywhere. I did a lot of listening.

I want to share two ideas that I will change my life, today.

The first, I got from Dave Kurlan. If your goal is important and you’ve developed a plan and your plan requires a specific behavior………….Adopt a NO EXCEPTION RULE!

How hard is that? If you’re on a diet and the rule is no dessert, that means no dessert. No exceptions! If it’s 10 calls a day, that means 10 every day. No exceptions! If you make an exception on Tuesday, thinking that it’s only one day, you might make another exception on Friday figuring that you already blew the week. If you blow the week, at the end of the month you might make another exception because you already blew the month. Before you know it, 2008 is no better than 2007. So, if it’s important, NO EXCEPTIONS, starting NOW!

Thanks, Dave!

The other idea came from the keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Kriegel.

He told a story about taking a skier to the top of a black diamond trail. The skier looked all the way down the hill and decided that he couldn’t ski the trail. Dr. Kriegel pointed about 10 feet down the trail and asked if the skier could make one turn there. Yes and they did. Then he pointed a little more down the hill and asked if the skier could make a turn there. Yes and they did. They did it again. After the skier made three turns, successfully, he started to gain confidence and eventually skied down that black diamond trail.

Let’s apply the ‘can you make one turn’ process to losing 20 pounds this year. So, wanting to lose 20 pounds is like looking all the way down the hill. It’s a big job. It’s scary. It’s gonna be a lot of hard work. Can you make one turn there translates into can you stick to your diet, today? Can you say, “No.” to 192 calories, today? A beer is about 150 calories. A Dunkin Donut (glazed) is about 180. One slice of cheese pizza is 260. I’m neither a doctor, nor a dietician, so consult with a professional.

Now, let’s apply the ‘can you make one turn’ process to selling. I’ll make up some numbers, but you can apply the real ones. Let’s say that you want 50 new clients this year. Let’s say that last year you closed 1 of 3 that you presented to. So, now you know that you need to present to 150 prospects this year. Let’s say that last year you had to make 20 calls to get one prospect to meet with you. You’ll need to make 3,000 calls in order to present to 150 prospects and close 50 new clients. 50 new clients is a big job. It’s like looking all the way down the hill and saying, “Boy is that steep. Can’t do it.” Same thing for 150 prospect meetings and 3,000 calls. But, can you make 15 calls today is like asking, “Can you make one turn right there?” So, can you?

So, let’s combine the two lessons. First decide on your goal (the black diamond). Then, figure out what your daily behavior needs to be (how and where you can make your first turn). Then, do it. Every day. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2 thoughts on “OMG Conference Lessons

  1. Rick: These goal-setting lessons say it all! Building ones business truly is equivalent to skiing the black diamond trail, and this analogy is a good reminder to set daily “achievable” goals to get where one wants to be. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great lessons. When I coach a CEO through my four step strategic planning model, I make it as clear as possible that successfull plan implementation will depend solely upon taking the daily actions that support the goal . . . no exceptions. No daily actions, no goal achievement . . . its that simple.

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