How far behind are you?

I had a great group in my “Applications” session yesterday.

One of the topics was, “How many people made a New Year’s resolution on January 1st and have already broken it, remade it and broken it again?”

Seriously, today is January 26th. We have already ‘used up’ 19 of the 263 weekdays that we started the year with. That’s 7% of the days. Have you done 7% of what you resolved to do?

If you resolved to make 2,000 sales calls this year, have you made 144 of them already?

If you resolved to work out 3 times a week, have you worked out 11 times since 1/1?

If you resolved to lose 20 pounds this year, have you said, “No.” to 5,000 calories, so far? (or done 7% of the behavior that you need to do?)

What will it take to get and keep you on track?

Do you really want another year to go by?

Do you really want another month or even day to go by?

It is not a sin to be human.

It is not a sin to need help.

Get a coach!

If it’s weight, join one of those you-know-whats.

If it’s exercise, get a personal trainer.

If it’s sales, hire a sales coach.

Know anyone?

2 thoughts on “How far behind are you?

  1. Great post Rick. Joe and I are exhibiting at a Home Show this weekend. We are just slightly ahead of our goals so far for this year, but it takes a lot of discipline to track and follow through. It is very easy to start letting things slip without someone holdidng you accountable.

  2. Rick,I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but reflecting on the Applications class and this post there is an obvious constant. The one thing that is required in any example given is the willingness to make a change. Losing weight is difficult because you have to change your eating habits. Getting physically fit can be difficult because you have to change what you’re current routine is. Making X number of phone calls requires change. In the end most people don’t lose the weight, most people don’t get physically fit and most salespeople don’t become good at sales. I’m asking people to do the very thing that I’m having difficulty doing. I’m asking them to pay less money and buy my product which is easy, but more importantly I’m asking them to change, which is difficult for most people no matter what it is you’re talking about. Difficult not impossible. I think your last few questions were excellent. If things are difficult (losing weight, exercise, sales) get help! Talk with you soon.

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