Competition & Education

Do you know your competition?………I do! I not only know them, I know them well. Why? I need to know what they’re good at, what I’m better at and what I need to get better at. When I worked in the furniture industry, it was part of my job to shop the competition every week. EVERY WEEK! I appreciated the lesson and applied a similar rule when I worked in energy services and later in collections. As Dan V. said recently, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” So, today, when a prospect is trying to decide between me and a competitor, I not only know who they should do business with, I also know why.

Do you learn from your competition?………I do! I assure you that I read more books on my craft than most of you. I read books in the 70’s and still use some of the things that I learned then today. I learned something from a competitor this week. I learned something from a client this week. Now, if I can learn something about sales, prospecting, closing, etc. Do you really think that you should miss an opportunity?

Open your mind. Check out this Workshop offered by Corridor Nine. If you go, you might learn something.

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