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I was talking with Pete a few days ago. We were discussing blogs, marketing, sales and me. We kind of agreed that many bloggers are trying to grow readership so that Google (or some other biggie) notice them and pay them a guzillion dollars for their blog. There are things that you can do that help Google rank and increase your odds from 1:1,000,000,000 to 2:1,000,000,000. I do some of them, but frankly, that stuff is boring (to me).

What’s not boring is when someone that I see around says, “Hey, Rick! I was reading your post about….” and we have a conversation. Marketers deal in numbers. They’re trying to affect the masses. Marketers don’t care about what you care about….they care about what MOST of you care about. Get the difference? I sell one client at a time. I care about each and every client (not most of them) or they don’t become clients. Selling is one at a time. Marketing hopes for most. If you’re not in the most, you don’t matter.

OK, now the point of the post. (This is hard without asking questions.) I assume that you read my blog because you get something out of it. I also assume that you know a few people like yourself (business owners, professional service providers and sales people) that you’d like to help if you could. The link below will open an email that is already addressed to me. Put your friend(s) email address(es) in the CC: field and add a few words of your own if you wish. I’ll let you know how we do.


4 thoughts on “Selling Your Blog

  1. Rick – This is an interesting experiment. I find the blog interesting and entertaining, but I don’t know if I would feel the same way if I didn’t know you. I’ve attempted to read quite a few blogs, but few are able to keep my attention if I can’t form a mental image of the author.

  2. A big shout out to Sharon Kuchenbecker. I’ll tell you why in minute. I’ve learned a great deal from my brother on marketing, sales, and networking. It started when I was 17, and continues with his last entry. I recently acquired a vacation property I’ve been trying to market. My first thought was “how do I get Google to list me in the top ten?”. While I have had some success chasing that rabbit, I have quickly realized (with the help of my sibling’s insight), the other things I’ve been doing were more important, and have produced more measurable success. Networking, talking to people, handing out business cards, emailing, etc has produced 1500 hits to my site over the past month. Sure, if you type the right keywords in the Google search engine, I can get listed in the top 10 (albeit you have to use some obscure keywords). If you just type some generic keywords, I’m mixed in with a million other articles. When Google sends someone my way, it’s someone I don’t know, and probably someone that does not really know what they want in a vacation. They’re fishing for something that jumps up out of the water. I don’t think this is the client I’m looking to do business with, and establish a long term relationship with. It turns out, I realized, I really care about the folks that want a great vacation, and that I can satisfy this in their lives. I care that the folks I send down to my place are as ecstatic with the island and the environment as I am. I want them to fall in love with the place, with their special someone, as I and Tina have over the last three years. I want them to come back happy, fully refreshed, and looking forward to planning their work around their next vacation. Thanks Rick. Oh yeah, while we live nearly a 100 miles apart, and work in different circles and environments, with all the business cards I’ve been handing out, one of them found their way back through the network to Sharon. She indicated “Hay, I know this guy’s brother”! Small world.

  3. Great story, Vic. Thanks for sharing it. There is certainly nothing that replaces the connections that people make to help each other solve problems and realize their dreams. Google can’t replace that.

  4. I really do have very smart boys–three in fact—I am one proud mama—but I must admit–they take after their Dad…..

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